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Emcee Fresh sets bars high in the music industry and in-everyday music domain with his delightful Hip-Hop melodies on his most recent releases. Emcee has a diverse voice which he utilizes on "Volume One" and "I'm from the ghetto" and "Inspiration" to give the absolute most dazzling Hip-Hop tracks exhibiting his knowledge as an enthusiast.

Emcee fresh is popular for his viral tunes like 'Do the Tik Tok' and 'This Boy Got Game,' which are interlaced, as the majority of his melodies, with social and contemporary components. With snappy and habit-forming snares and high-esteem creation, he has proactively procured a spot as a Hip-Hop devotee.

His melodious knowledge and type as a musician were evident in his tunes. He is laddering up his way to fame with hits one after other. As a performer, Emcee Fresh had jumped profound into the craft of giving the best captivating beats to the audience and members.
He is a healthy rapper, and his most recent delivered three singles off Emcee Fresh Records. First viral song "We Together Forever" and his country viral song "I love my country" Emcee Fresh Records has likewise delivered an inspiration record "We on Fire for God" and he has released two new singles "Tha Hustle Don't Stop" and "New Money" has been released on digital platforms and his new merchandise is featured on a spread shop drop shipping platform for USPS deliveries with returning customers mirroring a great experience.

Emcee Fresh aka Lorenzo Bartholomew and Kamilah Hayes Co. Owners of the Emcee Fresh Records. In addition, realistic planning, songwriting, showcasing, advertiser, beat making, photography, and videography likewise interest him. Music has forever been an essential piece of Emcee's life. His levelheaded as an entrepreneur and is to leave his melodic impression in the Hip-hop world.

"Emcee Fresh is sharp, and inherently focused on detail and intent!".  


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